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Sonidos de Las Almas

"Sonidos de Las Almas" is a poignant musical journey by the Mexican group "Las Almas," resonating with the essence of Dia de Muertos, a cherished Mexican holiday honoring departed souls. Comprising Josep O. Jordá on Guitar, Ángeles Martínez García on violin, and Andrea Cuevas on lead vocal, Las Almas crafts an emotionally rich experience. Produced by Julio Cesar Vaca Suarez from Morelia, Michoacan, the album beautifully intertwines holiday spirit, enchanting melodies, and soulful arrangements.
Las Almas - Produced By: Julio Cesar Vaca Suarez
Original track "Las Calaveritas", composed by Julio Cesar Vaca Suarez, encapsulates the evenings before Dia de Muertos, when the calaveras – whimsical and mischievous skeletons – begin to reveal themselves, delighting and comforting all in preparation for the holiday to come.

Las Almas captures the duality of Dia de Muertos – embracing both grief and joy with melodies that reflect the bittersweet nature of memories. Their arrangements meld tradition and contemporary elements, appealing to a wide audience.

Through the delicate fusion of guitar and violin, Las Almas rejuvenates cultural favorites, yielding a nostalgic yet refreshing atmosphere. Tracks like "La Llorona," featuring a moving guitar and violin duet led by  Jordá and García respectively, masterfully convey emotional depth. The haunting harmonies evoke a powerful connection to Mexican folklore's past.

"Sonidos de Las Almas" guides listeners through Dia de Muertos' emotions and rituals, akin to a procession. Released in collaboration with the Mexican Music Archive and Muertolandia, an online retailer of handmade Mexican collectibles, the album vividly captures the harmonious interplay between life and death. Whether familiar with Dia de Muertos or not, this album beckons you to embrace Mexican culture's richness through music's universal language.

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