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What is a Jarocho?

A Jarocho is a person or something that comes from Veracruz, Mexico, a state in the Gulf Coast region of the country. The origin is believed to have evolved from an old Spanish word meaning brusque or disordered. 

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Son Jarocho is the musical style hailing from this region. It's inspiration comes from three different cultures: Spanish, indigenous, and African, which came together more than 500 years ago. The jarana is the main instrument in this musical style. Ritchie Valens created one of the most famous versions of a son jarocho song with La Bamba

Musical groups of jarochos are bands of minstrel musicians and are known for wearing traditional, white guayabera shirts, white pants, and hats. The men also wear a red bandana around their neck. 

Fandangos are the heart of the Son Jarocho style and are similar to a musical jam-session where people come together to play instruments, sing, and dance around a wooden platform called a tarima. It's an experience that fandangueros enjoy and feel is something that is a part of their people and traditions. 

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