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Mercedes-Benz Creates Iconic Alebrije G-Class

Mercedes-Benz is featuring one of its most iconic models, the G-Class, as an alebrije. These mythical creatures are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures that have elements from different animals, such as dragon bodies, bat wings, and cat eyes. Traditional Mexican belief's state that every person is born with the spirit of an animal that will protect them for the rest of their life. 
Muertolandia.com | Dia De Los Muertos | Alebrije
Artisans of Oaxaquen and Huichol origin have designed all the details of the SUV and turned it into a work of art. It will eventually be on display at the company's museum in Germany after touring 10 Mexican cities. The SUV's decor has pre-Hispanic patterns, reflective of the culture. The artists used pre-Columbian graphics, colors typical of Oaxaca specifically, and Mexico. They also used a flag of the indigenous people on the roof. 


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