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Looking for Love with Saint Anthony

Legend has it that San Antonio, also known as Saint Anthony of Padua, is a true miracle worker. He is the patron saint of lost items, but is also the protector of lovers. In many Latin cultures, people turn to him when in search of love. He has been known to help in fulfilling miracle love connections for centuries.

The traditional process of finding love through Saint Anthony is first to obtain a statue of him, and then turn it upside down. Next, you write a wish about the type of love you are looking for, which can be as detailed as you'd like it to be, light a candle, say a prayer, then wait for him to create your miracle. 

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According to some legends, if you are looking for a life partner, you are to put 13 identical coins around the statue while praying, which is considered a gift.
There are places all over Mexico with statues of Saint Anthony where hopeful visitors have left their wishes. One popular place is a restaurant in Morelia, Mexico, which has several upside down statues of Saint Anthony, with one being nearly seven feet tall. The restaurant owner originally received many of these statues from her own father, who was concerned about his daughter finding love. She now uses these statues to help others find love, and claims that since the restaurant opened in 1995, more than 27,000 people have visited the statues in hopes of finding their soul mate. 

mexican handmade st. antonio love nicho

Although there is no single specific prayer that can be used to find love, here is one that we found from Hozana that can be used when seeking out a husband or wife: 

Admirable Anthony, so glorious for your miracles and for the favor that Jesus showed on you by coming in the guise of the Divine Child to rest in your arms, obtain from His goodness the grace I long for within my heart. You, so compassionate toward poor sinners, pay no attention to my defects, but to the glory of God which will once again be exalted by you and to my eternal salvation, not separated from the request I am now earnestly making.
(Say the grace that lies in your heart)
Let my love and charity towards the poor be a token of my gratitude. May I be given the grace to enter heaven with them through your intercession by the grace of Jesus the Redeemer.

 Have you prayed to Saint Anthony for a lost item or love connection? Tell us in the comments how it worked for you!

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