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La Catrina Sculptures to Visit So Cal

For those of you in Southern California, you'll have the opportunity to see a beautiful display of spectacular, 14-foot tall Catrinas. Local artist Ricardo Soltero has created these incredible displays to honor the spirit and beauty of Día de los Muertos. Nine of them can be seen at Third Street Promenade and 4 of them at the Santa Monica Pier Oct 31 - Nov 2, 2020.

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Día de los Muertos is an occasion that's imbued with ethereal, eternal, and truly epic ideas, making it, in many hearts and minds, a moment that is truly large in scale.

So when outward reflections reflect that bigness, when the art that's created for the autumn celebration goes grand, it feels incredibly fitting.

That's just what will be happening in Downtown Santa Monica over three atmospheric, joyful, and reflection-deep fall days.

For several of Los Angeles artist Ricardo Soltero's sizable and spectacular figures will call upon both Third Street Promenado and Santa Monica Pier, all to honor the spirit and beauty of Día de los Muertos.

The figures? They're all beautiful homages to La Catrina.

"La Catrina was first born out of Mexican social satire and has become a well-known figure in celebration of the holiday," shared the Downtown Santa Monica team in a statement.

The sky-reaching sculptures, which will reach up to 14 feet in height, will be garbed in "... brightly colored traditional Mexican attire inspired by Day of the Dead traditions and Mexican icons and embroidery."

They'll be on view on the final day of October, as well as the first two days of November 2020.

Eager to visit ever La Catrina on view? There will be nine displays gracing Third Street Promenade and a quartet of La Catrinas on Santa Monica Pier.

Keep in mind that the Third Street Promenade sculptures will be on view from 10 a.m. to 8 o'clock daily.

Downtown Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Pier Corporation are partnered behind this free-to-see presentation.

The City of Santa Monica’s Cultural Affairs Art of Recovery initiative is helping to support this beautiful art happening. What is Art of Recovery? The grant program "... is dedicated to funding projects by local artists and highlighting the important role arts and culture plays in recovery efforts as they strengthen and connect Santa Monica."

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