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Interactive Online Frida Exhibit to Inspire All

Google Arts & Culture has opened a virtual Frida Kahlo exhibit you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. The exhibit, Faces of Frida, features over 800 paintings, objects, and photos belonging to Kahlo. Google partnered with 33 international museums to be able to feature this work that explores her life, art, and legacy. 

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Prior to the internet, it was nearly impossible to enjoy an exhibition before buying a ticket first. It will be weeks before organizations start opening back their doors to the public. Luckily, there is a virtual exhibit you can enjoy from the comforts of your home. Google Arts & Culture has opened a digital Frida Kahlo exhibition featuring more than 800 paintings, objects and photographs belonging to the acclaimed artist.

The Faces of Frida exhibit explores Frida’s life, art and legacy inspiring art connoisseurs to look beyond her majestic oeuvre. The exhibition examines Frida’s personal relationship to politics and a close up of her biography.

Users can explore virtually 12 different museum exhibits with Frida’s belongings. With a magnifying glass tool, online viewers can enjoy a 360-degree view of Frida’s best work and personal objects. From Frida's personal style to her unique painting tools, this virtual exhibit reveals the personal life of the artist with the finest details.

With flight restrictions to many countries, users can be transported to Mexico and look inside Frida’s past through her kitchen, studio and garden where she resided with Diego. Though the exhibit is virtual, you can marvel at each piece from Frida Kahlo’s artwork in close detail.

The collaboration between Google and 33 international museums are bringing inspiration during this unpredictable pandemic. Besides Frida Kahlo’s exhibit, there are many other ones that you can find inspiring and worth exploring. You can explore the archives of this Mexican artistry here.

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