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Hummingbirds and their Significance in Mexican Culture

Hummingbirds have been significant in the Mexican culture since the Aztec empire. 

The hummingbird represents the powerful sun god Huitzilopochtli in Aztec mythology, who was conceived after his mother seized hummingbird feathers falling from the sky. These falling feathers were the soul of a warrior. Mexican elders say Huitzilopochtli guided the Aztecs long migration to the Valley of Mexico, and because of this, the hummingbird symbolizes strength in life as we navigate difficult times. 
mexican handmade hummingbird colibri chuparosa

Hummingbirds are most commonly thought of as messengers from heaven and that when you see one near you, it's a loved one who has passed on, sending you a message or positive intention. These amazing creatures are great communicators and are thought to carry messages from someone else in this world or the after world. 

These enchanting birds have different names depending on the region in Mexico, including: quindes, tucusitos, picaflores, chupamirtos, and chuparosas, among others, as well as names in indigenous languages.

Legend has it that if a hummingbird flies near you, do not touch it, and instead think positive thoughts, as something extraordinary is sure to happen to you.

What are your beliefs about hummingbirds? Let us know in the comments, we'd love to hear from you! 

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