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Handcrafted Nicho Art Series: Mariachi los Muertos

Introducing, the Mariachi los Muertos art collection!
Mariachi Los Muertos
We've been working all year on creating and developing our latest art series, the Mariachi los Muertos collection.

This art series consists of beautiful handmade nichos that are based off of our own illustrated collection of "Día de los Muertos” mariachi characters. Each “muerto” and nicho was inspired by a classic Mexican song we all know and love. Each character is unique with their own name, but all the characters together make up the virtual band: “Mariachi Los Muertos™!”

handcrafted mexican deluxe nicho shadow box la llorona la bamba cielito lindo las mananitas el mariachi loco el rey

The entire art collection was handcrafted in Mexico and features gorgeous, one-of-a-kind nicho art pieces. These nichos can be hung on a wall or can stand up on their own, and be incorporated into your home decor.

With their beautiful artwork and meticulous attention to detail, they represent the finest in traditional Mexican folkart. Proudly display these in your home to show your appreciation for these iconic Mexican songs and high-quality, stunning nichos.

See the entire art collection here.

 The Mariachi los Muertos music collection, including all of these songs, are available anywhere music is streamed. Search for: "Mariachi los Muertos Presents" on any music platform, or click here to start!

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