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DIY Paper Plate Sugar Skull for Día de Muertos

Prepare for Día de los Muertos this year with some family DIY fun. This cute tutorial is easy enough for the kids to participate in and uses items you probably already have in the house. You'll end up with festive decorations you can put up in your house or altar.

dia de los muertos products sugar skulls

It is not only easy to make, but also very fun and the kids really like that it’s tridimensional. There’s nothing as wonderful as sharing special moments as a family while creating something that pays tribute to our loved ones and our culture’s traditions.

This Day of the Dead skull is made with paper plates and to give a special touch, we used Lucky Charms cereal to decorate it. You can use it to decorate your home or if you prefer, as a mask, as long as you make holes in the eyes’ area so you can see.

Here are the instructions, step-by-step.

White paper plates
Lucky Charms Cereal
Scissors (with a rounded tip if your child will use them )
Non-toxic glue
Glitter. Better yet: Glitter glue, which is what I used.
Permanent Markers (like Sharpies)
Paper puncher
Optional: Ribbon, yarn or wooden ice cream stick to use as a mask.

dia de los muertos products sugar skulls nicho

Use the scissors to shape the paper plate into a skull. Picture a semicircle and then at the bottom, cut it into the shape of the jaw, as you see in the picture.

Use a black marker to draw eyes, the nose (draw an upside down heart) and the teeth.

Make the nose tridimensional by gluing a heart-shaped Lucky Charms marshmallow backwards.

Decorate your skull. Use cereal on the edge of the eyes, and fill in with colored markers and glitter. Be as creative as you (or your children) want to be!

To use as a mask, punch holes in the eyes, then punch two holes in the temples, and tie ribbon or yarn. You can also glue a wooden stick. So easy!

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