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How Día de los Muertos Inspired Folk Art

The beauty of Día de los Muertos has long inspired many artists. Many of the symbols and artwork we see today come from a rich history of Mexican illustrators, painters, sculptors, and other artists. 

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Day of the Dead Art is the name given to all the folk art figures, handicrafts and souvenirs made for this celebration or as a consequence of it.

Day of the Dead Handicrafts

The Day of the Dead celebrations are in many areas of Mexico the most important of the year.

The celebration turns around the visit of the souls to this world from the world of the dead and its main objective is to make them feel welcomed and cherished.
The Day of the Dead Altars are therefore the most important element in the holiday and many crafts are specially made to decorate it.

Examples of these handicrafts are the skulls and skeletons chiseled paper flags, the clay candleholders and sahumerios (incense burners), cempasuchil paper flowers and the sugar skulls that although they are eatable are nonetheless a work of art.

Day of the Dead Folk Art
The folk art developed as a consequence of Day of the Dead cannot be understood without Jose Guadalupe Posada's legacy.

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