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Community Raises Funds for Family Mariachi Band

A family Mariachi band has received over $60,000 from their community after being hit hard by the pandemic. The band, named Cielito Lindo, is made up of 7 children from the Lucero family of Chicago, IL. They were recently given an eviction notice, but a friend took it upon himself to start a donation page for the hardworking family. 

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More than $60,000 has been raised to help an Illinois family of musicians who received an eviction notice amid financial struggles brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Cielito Lindo — a mariachi band made up of seven children from the Lucero family of Chicago — has been hit hard over the last year, according to CBS affiliate WBBM.

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Because the group primarily makes income from their shows, the family fell $18,000 behind on their rent as live events were put on hold due to safety guidelines meant to curb the spread of the virus.

"In early 2020, their schedules were booked and the family was looking forward to their best year yet. The possibility of being able to start saving for a home of their own in our community was within reach," a GoFundMe set up for the band explained.

"Then, March came. COVID-19 hit the Luceros especially hard," the message continued. "The family band doubles as the family business, and the bulk of their income comes from live performances. As we all know, those all but stopped. Even as the family continues to work hard, the income coming in barely covers their food and utilities."

With thousands owed on their rent and the number continuing to climb, the family of nine was handed an eviction notice in January.

The family posted to social media to ask how they could receive help from the government, but a neighbor saw their request and took it upon himself to start a donation page.

"The kids are so polite, so smart and so hardworking," the neighbor wrote on GoFundMe. "The parents are kind, generous, talented and, right now, uncertain about what's next."

As of Thursday afternoon, the page has raised more than $64,000 — far more than enough to allow the family to stay in their home.

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The added attention also brought another benefit — the family is now receiving requests to perform virtually across the country, which will allow them to support themselves far into the future.

"Thank you to all who have shown kindness to our family during these turbulent times," the family wrote in an Instagram post on Feb. 1.

"Together we can get through anything," they added. "Check in on your neighbors. Don't be shy, let your community know how you are doing."

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