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10 Facts you Didn't Know about Disney's Coco

Coco was a major feature film that introduced Día de los Muertos to people around the world. This movie took years in production in order to accurately and effectively depict this Mexican tradition. Here are some fun facts you may not have known about the movie. 

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One of the toughest subjects for a parent to explain to their kids is death. Fortunately, Pixar created a beautiful, heartfelt movie that has made broaching the topic a lot easier. Centered around Mexico’s Día de los Muertos tradition, Coco teaches kids that no one is ever really gone forever if they’re remembered by their loved ones.

The movie holds the record for Pixar’s longest development process as it spent six years in active production from 2011 to 2017. In that time, the script changed quite a bit and there were a number of shakeups behind the scenes. So, here are 10 fascinating details from the making of Coco.

10/10 Disney Controversially Tried To Trademark The Name Día De Los Muertos
As was the case with Toy Story, Coco was a temporary title that ended up being the name of the final movie. Originally, the title was going to be changed to Día de los Muertos, but there was an uproar in the Mexican-American community.
Lalo Alcaraz, a Mexican-American cartoonist, drew a satirical poster featuring “Muerto Mouse,” a Godzilla-sized Mickey Mouse parody, with the strapline: “It’s coming to trademark your cultura.” The title was promptly changed.

9/10 Even Chinese Censors Were Moved By The Film
There are themes and ideas in Coco that would usually be banned in China and removed from the film by Chinese censors prior to its release. However, members of the Chinese censor board were so moved by the film that they allowed it to be released in China without making cuts.

8/10 The Animators Made The Guitar-Playing Scenes As Accurate As Possible
Whenever a character plays the guitar, their fingers line up with the actual chords from the music. The animators went to painstaking efforts to ensure that the guitar-playing scenes were as accurate as possible.

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